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About Yantrr device cloud

Yantrr device cloud provides end-to-end software solution for reliable and secure connection to your monitoring devices to the internet cloud for real time analysis from everywhere. We support our customers at each stage of their cloud integration road-map with our special expertise in building interfacing with industrial sensors and developing machine learning based cloud analytics.

Whether you are using our Vibe industrial IoT platforms, or any open source or proprietary hardware, you can use Yantrr device cloud to get realtime data from your sensors, and easily manage at-scale device deployments.

Scalable Architecture

We use distributed server-client architecture which can easily scale to millions of devices and sensors.

Agnostic API

Supports any client device running Linux / Android, multi-language support, WebSocket-enabled, REST API etc.

Real Time

Supports persistent low latency bi-directional socket-based connection, suited for low-data rate 2G/GPRS network.

Yantrr Device Cloud demo, connect your own device in the sandbox.

Our software offerings

Our Services

IoT software design

If you want your product to be IoT-enabled, we can help design the software so that your data reaches your server reliably and securely.

IoT hardware design

Apart from our industrial IoT platform (VAYU series), we also provide services for custom hardware design based on specific requirements of our customers.

Cloud analytics

Our expertise in machine learning and data analytics can help you make sense of the data you collect, and convert them into actionable business insights.

Vertically integrated solutions

If you don't exactly know what software and hardware you will need, what cloud platform, what analytics to use? That's totally fine. We also provide one stop IoT-enabler services.

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