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Yantrr Device Cloud Architecture

For scalability, the key is to smartly engineer how sensors communicates to the cloud. Yantrr Device Cloud's architecture is designed keeping scalability, realtime performance, and security in mind.

Yantrr device cloud architecture Architecture

End-to-end architecture of Yantrr Device Cloud

  • Scalability: Yantrr IoT platform is designed to be
    1. Database scalable
    2. Distributed server to handle events from M2M devices
    3. Distributed security server
    4. Connect any type of device, currently supports on any device running Linux
  • Real Time: Yantrr IoT platform uses socket based protocol to have minimum overhead and be real-time, even in slower speed 2G/GPRS networks
    1. persistent, low-latency bi-directional connections
    2. Offers sub second update rate on 2G/GPRS network
    3. Offers milisecond update rate on 3G/LTE network
  • Security: Multilayer security is supported
    1. Decoupled router and client architecture
    2. All secure ports
    3. Transport level authentication
  • API agnostic & Open API’s: Yantrr IoT platform architecture is adaptable to industry standards
    1. Multi language support: C, python, Java, C++, Objective C
    2. REST API Bridge
    3. HTTP support
    4. WebSocket with Flash fallback
    5. Responsive Architecture
    6. HTTP/long poll
  • Vertically integration
    1. Architecture support many different types and forms of sensors.
    2. Clients already using it for localized weather monitoring, old age health monitoring, etc.
    3. Can be used for at-scale industrial monitoring, utility monitoring, supply chain monitoring, etc.

Yantrr Device Cloud demo, connect your own device in our sandbox.

Building block of Yantrr Device Cloud

Yantrr Device cloud is a server end software that can runs on any cloud platform (like Amazon EC2) and can interact with Yantrr's IoT hardware platform (VIBE/VIBE2) or any other open source and proprietary IoT hardware platform by using Yantrr's client-side software.