Yantrr Connection Manager

Automated device management is a key component of any at-scale IoT deployment. Yantrr Connection Manager exposes easy to use APIs to transparently manage device connectivity with high degree of reliability, and is fully compatible with the Yantrr Device Cloud.

We have developed connection profiles which are easy-to-understand and are widely used in M2M/IoT deployments:

  • Intermittent: Period or event-based data exchange between sensor and cloud.
  • On Demand: Request-based data exchange.
  • Persistent: Always ON, like streaming service.
  • SOS: Critical/Panic state information exchange in case of emergency

Following table gives an highlight of different connection profiles, and modem features needed in different IoT industry verticals

Industrial Segment Key Applications Modem features needed Connection profiles
M2M Industrial gateway Industrial data application & control
  • Network Registration
  • Data services - IP based
  • SMS
  • Location Services
Intermittent, on-demand, SOS
Sensor Network Remote sensing, control
  • Network Registration
  • Data services - IP based
Intermittent, on-demand
Industrial safety Fire systems alarm, over load, faulty product line
  • E911 Service
  • Broadcast SMS
  • Data/Voice call
Telematics Automotive, unmanned vehicle
  • Location Services
  • Data services
  • E911 Service
Intermittent, persistent, on-demand, SOS

YCM Features

Yantrr connectivity manager is a generic connectivity framework which has abstraction layer to hide complex states of modem and exposes API for user to set easy modes for connectivity management.

Transparent connection

Implements pre-defined connection profiles, transparent background handling of connection, no manual reconnection requires in case of failure.

Open APIs

Simplifies the complexity of using AT or QMI command, transparent network handling using easy to use API, supports SIM application toolkit, FW upgrade, FOTA.


The architecture is fully responsive, based on asynchronous callbacks, supports registration of user-defined functions as callbacks.

Features of YCM Editions

Module Submodule CM Lite Panda Ninja
Data Connection Manager Carrier Profile Manager
Command Line Interface
Basic External DBus API
Web based configuration
Error Handing & Recovery
Limit/Alert Data Exceeding Limit
SMS & Messaging SMS alert for data outage
SMS contact database (Device Contact)
SMS send & receive
Device control through SMS
USSD service
Programmable SMS device alert
Modem Diagnostic Periodic Signal Monitoring
Roaming Alert
Modem Error Reports
Power Saving & Advance Features Intelli Message Backend (SMS or IP)
Battery Save Mode
UPLink Packet Optimization
AT Command Manager
Device to Device Handshaking
Device Health Monitoring
Device Mobile Hotspot
Device Connect Profile
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